25 New Examples of Single Page Websites

by: designmodo.com

The field of web designing is going through different kind of changes and addition of style almost every day. One of the latest trends of website design is single page websites. Single page website or one page website is making its position in the market of web designing since 2010. There are lots of designers who like to create such websites since they find it very trendy and eye catchy as well. Lots of people prefer to visit websites with single page.

When the website doesn’t have the requirement of lots of contents, the idea of creating single page website can work brilliantly. Designers can use that one single page like an artist uses his or her canvas. The designer has to prove his or her creative excellence as well as designing talent in that single page. Hence many web designers like to take this task of creating single page website as a challenge. The job is challenging indeed; however, there are lots of examples in the internet through which we can see that designers are performing this challenge with great success.

Mostly, for the web designers or other kind of individual professionals who prefer to show their talent and skill of work through an amazing website, the idea of one page websites is really a good one. That one page would be the mark of their professional identity. For the viewer of such a site it like reading a story that is written on a single page. With some amazingly designed drop down menu this sites get a great look and style. In most cases, this kind of websites gets applause’s because of the creative brilliance of the designer. They tell a complete story on one single page which is not an easy work.

Creating single page website demands lots of capacity from the end of the web designers since they have to put everything in their perfect manner in one single page and at the same time they have to maintain the exclusivity of the design. People must be attracted and give attention to those websites since grabbing the viewers attention is the prime target of any web designer. In the internet there are lots of examples of such websites were designers have proven his or her creative superiority in one single page. For novice designers those examples of single pages can be a great source of inspiration as well. Thus for those who don’t want high volume contents in their websites, rather prefer to use the site as a platform of showing their designing talent, the idea of single page websites is great.

Single Page Website Examples


Emilie & Vincent

Free Range Designs


Anna Monroe

Strongarbh House

Switch Wine

The Social Calling

We’re getting married!

Yannick Macheret




Skills factory


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